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Beachwood is a real estate company that has two sides. We manage and complete house renovation projects and also acquire large multi family properties for long term cash flow and growth.
Our mission

House Renovation Business

Through our house renovation business, our mission is to breathe life back into neighborhoods one house at a time. We look through the tired exterior of an aging or unloved house and see the potential underneath the surface. We love the idea of giving a new lease of life to a tired house and make it look beautiful and shiny again. Our mission is to provide value to the community by renovating houses, employing the contractors and skilled tradespeople along with providing good returns for our investors.

Multi family property acquisition business

Through our multi family property acquisition business, our mission is to buy, renovate and turn underperforming large multi family properties into performing assets.
In doing this we add value to the families that live in these communities by providing safe, clean, affordable rental housing. We also add additional value to the community by hiring local contractors and employing local property management professionals. Finally, we provide an excellent investment vehicle for our investors that is backed up by stable, tangible asset.